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Upgrade Your Camping Utensil for Strategic Advantages

by Hadron Gear May 16, 2019

As an avid outdoor enthusiast, you continually refine your gear to achieve a light, compact tool-set that adds comfort and efficiency to your camping or backpacking experience. Your favorite gear gives you that extra edge – perhaps it is tougher, lighter or more full-featured than its predecessors. Can you attribute that same level performance to your camping utensils?


camping utensils , hiking gear, camping gear, spork , morsel spork

Problem: Poor performance from your camping utensil.

Solution: Take the petty and not-so-petty annoyances out of backcountry cooking with a better camping utensil. 


1. Weigh down your conscience or your pack: You are super hungry, but you carry soggy leftovers out of the wilderness, because food gets stuck deep in the pouch. You refuse to pollute the landscape you love by washing the dregs of your meal into a stream or a hole.

Eat more and carry out less.  Scrape every morsel from your pot or pouch with Morsel’s added length and flexible edge. Fill your stomach, lighten your load and keep your environmental ethic intact.

camping utensil , hiking utensil , camping gear , hiking accessories


2. Not tough enough to go the distance: When you attempt to stretch the capabilities of your 2-sided spork, it breaks in half.  Duct tape and a stick cannot adequately repair a broken camping utensil or restore mealtime satisfaction.

Durable by design and born in the USA.  Morsel is the brain child of two Oregon-based engineers who are passionate about thoughtful design in outdoor accessories. It marries a tough plastic with a rubbery, food-safe elastomer to resist breaking, staining, scratching and tearing.

Camping utensils , hiking accessories , spork


3. Form that doesn’t follow function: Your old-fashioned spork puts more soup on your chin than in your mouth. The spoon is uncomfortably wide, and the stunted fork is too short to effectively stab your freshly cooked fish on its way to your mouth.

Form that follows function. Morsel doesn’t look or perform like other camping utensils. Its long handle keeps your fingers out of the grub when you reach into a pot or pouch. Its spoon fits a comfortable mouthful of food. Its fork is full-sized to better seize your meat. Its strong, serrated cutting edge slices your food but not your tongue. Its flexible curves and straight edges promote effective scraping and stirring.


4. The fork ran away with the spoon:  A multipurpose camping utensil with a fork on one end and a spoon on the other is useful ultralight backpacking gear – until it disappears into the recesses of your pack or hides in plain sight to be left behind in the haste of an early morning departure.

Out of sight? Not a chance! Camouflage is invaluable when you want to blend into your surroundings. But you don’t need a nearly invisible camping utensil. Morsel comes in radiant shades of red, green and blue, so you can locate it easily and hang it from a hole in the handle.

camping utensil , hiking accessories , backcountry cooking , camping gear , outdoor gear


5. What happened to keeping it simple? In an effort to prepare stellar camping dinners, you complicate your vacation by carrying, cleaning, organizing and rummaging through too many camping utensils.

Four camping utensils in one lightweight tool. Whether you are bagging a peak, a fish or a photograph, you know the value of taking only what you need. One Morsel serves as a quality fork, spoon, dinner knife and spatula. For the minimalist, Morsel simplifies eating from a foil pouch with a long-handled spoon-spatula combo.


Morsel might become you all-time favorite camping utensil. After all, it streamlines your backcountry dining. Plus it’s fun to own and use.

Hadron Gear
Hadron Gear


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