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The useful utensils that fit all shapes and sizes with their rubbery edge and unique shapes.

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Combo Pack - PREORDER

Combo Pack - PREORDER

Regular price $25.00

Morsel Spork - PREORDER

Morsel Spork - PREORDER

Regular price $12.95

Morsel Spoon - PREORDER

Morsel Spoon - PREORDER

Regular price $12.95

Does your spork do this?

Morsel's unique rubber edge  conforms to fit any shape.

Easily scrape containers to the very last bite.

Designed to Fit

Morsel's asymmetric shape is designed to fit everything.

Big bowls 

Tight corners

Flat surfaces

Deep containers


5 utensils in 1

One Morsel, many uses.






Leave No Trace

Eat every last bite, no matter what shape your dirty dishes are.

Clean dishes means less waste in our water systems.

  • BPA-Free and FDA-Approved

    Super tough PP and TPR materials are designed to be safe and resist staining and scratching.

  • Dishwasher Safe

    Eat every last morsel, then toss it in the dishwasher without worry.

  • Kid and Nature Approved

    The ergonomic shape is easy to use, so you can Leave No Trace AND be a member of the Clean Plate Club.

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