Titanium spork meets plastic spork

by Hadron Gear April 29, 2019

Backpackers embrace ultralight backpacking gear and camping utensils such as the titanium spork and BPA-free plastic spork that are lightweight, durable, non-toxic, easy to clean, and multi-purpose.  

  • The search for the best backpacking and camping utensils led me to the titanium spork (.7 oz, 6.75 inches long) as it met most of my backpacking requirements. It is lightweight, strong, non-toxic, non-stick, high heat friendly, and dishwasher safe. However, at only 6.75 inches long, it did not reach into the bottom of the dehydrated meal bags, making it difficult and messy to stir and scrape out the last morsel of food.  I recall moans and groans as Chili Mac sauce splattered my hands as I tried to scrape the bottom of my Mountain House dehydrated meal bag with a short titanium spork. As every ounce of food left in a dehydrated meal bag is an ounce carried out of the backcountry, this feature becomes important!

  • The Perfect Length I found the perfect camping utensil, the Morsel Spork designed by Hadron Gear. The Morsel Spork comes as an XL (extra-long) spork (10.5 inches, 8 oz), a mini-spork (6.5 inches, .6 oz), or as an XL spoon (10.5 inches, ? oz). The XL Morsel Spork scraped every bit of food from the bottom my dehydrated meal. It was so thoroughly clean, it looked as though I had run it through the dishwasher.  At 6.75 inches long, the titanium spork wasn’t long enough to reach all the food goodies.

  • Designed for backpackers, the XL Morsel Spork features durability, functional capabilities, and multiple features not found in other sporks, while remaining lightweight. The Morsel Spork’s five features includes a rubber edge spatula that allows for reaching deep into your dehydrated meals to scrape every last bit of food. Designed to scrape odd shapes, lip edges, tight corners, flat edges, and straight walls, its spatula feature makes it an essential piece of backpacking cooking gear.  A basic knife-edge allows for cutting and a full-size fork makes it easy to twirl pasta noodles in the backcountry. The spoon and spatula (the designers call it a Sporkatula) is excellent for stirring and scraping the bottom of the dehydrated meals.

As I prepare for my next backpack, the Morsel Spork will be on my ultralight backpacking gear list. For hardcore ultralight backpackers shaving every ounce of weight, consider the spoon (? oz) or the mini- Morsel Spork. While the mini Morsel does not reach the bottom of the bag, it retains similar features to the XL version and is the perfect size for lunch bags and day hikes.  

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