About Us

Morsel is a new outdoor product company, focused on making innovative new equipment around the outdoor eating experience. We're a small team of remote-working entrepreneurs, loosely based in Portland, OR. If you are excited about working in a small, remote-based startup company and being involved in the outdoor industry, this is a great chance to get in on the ground level where you can have a direct influence on helping to build and develop your own working environment.

Positions Available

We’re looking for driven and talented individuals who can help us grow through sales, marketing, and PR!

You are motivated, efficient, organized, willing to maintain consistent communication with the team (we aren’t into micromanaging, but we love to know what you are up to), and ready to hit the ground running with great ideas. 

Interested? Drop us a line at Tell us about your experience, interests, and why you would be a good fit and we will get back to you in the case of an available position.

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