Can you make a plan and keep it? Can you write a funny script and make a stellar story board? Do you need a chance to show you skills to the world? Can you organize people, setup beautiful shots, and edit with the best of them? Are you confident enough to put skin in the game?

If so, we think it’s about time you joined our team.

This is Us

Morsel is a new outdoor product company, focused on making innovative new equipment around the outdoor eating experience. We're a small team of remote-working entrepreneurs, loosely based in Portland, OR. If you are excited about working in a small, remote-based startup company and being involved in the outdoor industry, this is a great chance to get in on the ground level where you can have a direct influence on helping to build and develop your own working environment.

This is the Position

This is a dream opportunity for a professional, but inexperienced, film artist, with a passion for the outdoors, to manage the video for our next Kickstarter campaign and to showcase their video work on an international stage.

We’re looking for a seriously motivated nature-loving individual to go all out on our new Kickstarter project. You are fast, efficient, organized, willing to maintain consistent communication with the team (we aren’t into micromanaging, but we love to know what you are up to), and ready to hit the ground running with great ideas. We are all in and want you to be too. In exchange, we want to help boost your video career by prominently featuring you on our Kickstarter. Guess how many times in our last Kickstarter we were asked, “Who did your video?” A lot. And we want to proudly answer "it was this badass we hired in March 2019 named [INSERT YOUR NAME HERE]".

In short, we know how to execute a great Kickstarter project and have before, so this one is up to you to highlight your video-specific skills and gain exposure.

The work is flexible, remote, and comes with a base budget for the project. On top of the base pay, we will offer a percentage of our Kickstarter profit as an incentive – so how much more money you make on top of base pay, is in your hands.

What you bring:

  • Own all your own equipment
  • You are professional and have excellent time management and communication skills
  • Proactive, self-starting – you can hit the ground running
  • Fast and efficient, but quality, results
  • Ability to organize people, set-up all shots, and do the final edits
  • You can source models and locations as needed
  • You can effectively write and plan out the video via Storyboard ahead of time
  • A sense of humor
  • A love for outdoor adventures is a bonus!
  • Portfolio and sample work
  • Bonus – also a good still photographer and would like to work on providing assets

What we can offer:

  • Upfront base pay with commission on Kickstarter profit
  • Traffic, links and promotion on our Kickstarter page, social media, and website
  • Freedom to showcase your style, your talent, and your ideas on an international platform
  • Exposure to a large (and rapidly growing) client base. In our first Kickstarter we raised over $160k with 5500 individual backers!
  • Continued video work – we want to build a long-term relationship (with the right person) to be part of the many other ready-to-launch products we have in the pipeline
  • A like-minded and motivated group of hard-workers ready to support and boost your career

How to apply

Send us an email at Tell us about your experience, interests, and why you would be a good fit, as well as some samples of your previous work.

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